Hi there. I'm Jess Tabac (she/her). Welcome to my UX portfolio.

I value inclusivity, which I strive to incorporate into my design choices. 


Reet: Blind Video Interviews
Google Docs
Add a Feature Project
SUDS Laundromat
End to End Mobile App
Responsive Design for E-commerce Site

What do people have to say about me?

"Jess is a strong team leader and an effective problem solver. She is adept at coordinating efforts between departments and develops great working relationships with co-workers along the way. She is solution-oriented and dependable, assisting team members where needed and is highly effective at executing her duties, bringing all projects and team efforts to completion in a timely manner."

~Former Brooklyn Brewery Co-Worker

"Jess was a design student of mine for 5 months. She was a pleasure to work with because of her interest in learning, openness to feedback, and positive attitude. Over the course of our time together I saw huge improvements in her Figma design skills and critical UX thinking. Any team would be lucky to have her!”

~Figma Mentor 

“I have worked with Jess Tabac as part of the Callen-Lorde Community Health Center’s Community Advisory Board for four years.  She is intelligent, reliable, honest, hardworking, and dependable.  In this work, she has had to work with a diverse group of community members to improve programs and services at a Federally Qualified Health Center.  She is insightful and thoughtful in her language and feedback, she works well in group settings and can be counted on to deliver what she promised.  I would highly recommend working with Jess in any capacity”.

-Community Advisory Board Staff Liason

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