Problems and Solutions to My Case Studies

Reet: Blind Interviewing

What: Reet is a company that is hiring for a marketing manager position. They would like their hiring managers to feel they’ve selected a candidate without the influence of their unconscious biases as far into the hiring process as possible.

During this round of hiring, they've decided to use Luna Connect®, a blind interviewing platform using avatars and Q AI genderless voice technology. The blind video platform emulates human interaction but does not convey gender, age, race, disability status, or sexual orientation.  I designed the blind video concept.

User Problem: Hiring managers do not want to have their unconscious biases influence whom they hire. 

Design Solution: In lieu of an initial phone interview, hold a live video interview where the hiring manager and candidate are both avatars speaking via genderless voices using Q AI.  This allows the hiring manager to evaluate candidates without bias even further into the interview process before meeting them in person. 

Google Docs 

What: I designed the ability to add multiple documents within a single Google Doc, like you can with Google Sheets

User Problem: Users have difficulty finding various docs they've recently worked on and/or have shared with others or have been shared with. This wastes a lot of people's time just looking for docs. 

Design Solution: Have the ability to have multiple pages within a single doc to streamline navigating between pages that are related to the same topic, but warrant separate pages, like Google Sheets. 

SUDS Laundromat

What: SUDS is a local laundromat without a website, that wants to start providing residential laundry pickup and dropoff services for clients. I designed a laundry pickup and dropoff service for their business. 

User Problem: People hate doing laundry. They particularly hate having to schlep their laundry to places, and then hate it, even more, when they have to wait for an open dryer. 

Design Solution: An app to have scheduled laundry pick-ups and drop-offs from your residence. 

Design Solution: An app that allows the user to see in real-time washer and dryer availability so they know the likelihood of obtaining an open machine by the time they get there. 

Houseplanted E-Commerce Site

What: Houseplanted is a brick-and-mortar family-owned plant store. They want to design a website for their customers to be able to order plants for delivery and receive plant care advice. I designed a website to address these needs. 

1. User Problem: User doesn't know how to shop for plants. 

Design Solution: Search filter is the first element the user sees that filters on price, sunlight, location, pet friendly, the position of plant within the household. 

2. User Problem: User feels bad when their plants die. 

Design Solution: Real-time help with Ruby, either via video chat or home visits. 

3. User Problem: People are concerned about having plants come via delivery. 

Design Solution: Videos on the Plant Info Page demonstrating how that particular plant is securely packaged for delivery.