Just keeping it real, with a background in business, Spanish, and psychology. 

Here is a little about me:


A Director of Tasting Room Operations for a large, international brewery. My role with the brewery was very much guest experience focused, which will lend itself to UX design.  I've always been interested in the WHY people do what they do and their thoughts on experiences. 

Key Takeaways from my previous work experience: 

  • Working for a well-known brand where guest (and employer)  expectations were higher, and ensured a positive customer experience 
  • Designing and redesigning the operations for a 4,000 square foot space that hosted events, tours, and served craft beer 
  • Pivoting and problem solving in sudden circumstances 
  • Project management 
  • Leading and managing a team of twenty people
  • Knowing the business implications of the flow of operations 
  • Understanding how all the different departments of the brewery work together to produce a product


Just recently moved to Philly after being in Brooklyn for twelve years. So far, so good. 

Being creative has always been something other people were, and I always shied away from exploring this as a component of myself, so have been enjoying this process of transitioning into UX design. 

With this transition, I'll strive to help the world to be a more inclusive and accessible environment through empathic design.  I’m very good at looking at the perspective of all those involved in experiences. 

My ultimate goal is to work in the field of artificial intelligence. The world will need help understanding and embracing AI, rather than fearing it.

"Failure is a sour gift."

     ~Tyler Spangler

Let's work together- practice only makes us better.

Shoot me a line:  jesstabac@gmail.com